Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) -- Water and Sewer Assistance

Virginia’s Community Development Block Grant program provides funding to eligible units of local government to address the lack of public utilities and infrastructure, to include water services, wastewater services, drainage improvements and street improvements. Assistance under this option is generally targeted to projects involving water and wastewater improvements, particularly those involving new services to low- and moderate-income persons.


CDBG Competitive Grants

Available to support the construction of infrastructure, primarily for water and wastewater improvements. Can be used for a stand-alone Community Facility project or as part of a Comprehensive Community Development project which addresses a number of community needs, to include housing.

CDBG Construction-Ready

Intended to assist localities that are fully ready to provide service to a low- and moderate-income community, except for a portion of the construction funds.

CDBG Planning Grants

Support for developing clearly-articulated strategies for identifying and addressing their greatest community development needs.

CDBG Community Economic Development Fund (CED)

To assist with installation of public infrastructure to support industry location or expansion, where significant job creation and private investment will result.

CDBG Urgent Needs

To enable prompt response to serious and immediate threats to local health and safety. A current declaration of an emergency by the governor of Virginia in relation to a natural disaster or a current declaration of an immediate and severe health threat by the state commissioner of health is required.