Balance of State Continuum of Care

Virginia’s Balance of State (BoS) CoC mission and goals align with the HUD Strategic Plan, and the Federal Interagency Homeless Council’s plan – “Opening Doors.” The mission of the BoS CoC is to create an “emergency response system” to permanently house and stabilize homeless and imminently homeless households. This work is accomplished through a collaborative and inclusive community process, and management of resources and services to effectively and efficiently end homelessness in the 67 localities that make up the BoS CoC.

Specific Goals for the BoS CoC include:

  •  Ending Chronic Homelessness by December 2015;
  •  Ending Veteran Homelessness by December 2015;
  •  Ending Family and Youth Homelessness by 2020; and
  •  Setting a path to ending all homelessness.

To achieve the ultimate goal of ending homelessness the CoC will seek to:

  1. Increase access to permanent housing through rapid re-housing and permanent supportive housing
  2. Identify housing needs of those at risk of facing homelessness
  3. Evaluate performance of services within the BoS through data collection and analysis
  4. Increase access to other mainstream sources to promote housing stability
  5. Provide coordinated access and barrier free access to homeless services
  6. Prioritize service delivery to households with the greatest need

Balance of State CoC Documents