Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (VHSP)

Program Contact
Nichele Carver
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The Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (VHSP) is a state- and federally-funded program funded by the State General Fund and the federal Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) to support Continuum of Care (CoC) strategies and homeless service and prevention programs that align with the following goals:

  • To reduce the number of individuals/households who become homeless;
  • To shorten the length of time an individual or household is homeless; and
  • To reduce the number of individuals/households that return to homelessness.


Eligible applicants include units of local governments, nonprofits, planning district commissions (PDCs)* and public housing authorities (PHAs)*. Eligible activities for the VHSP are shelter operations, rapid re-housing, prevention, child services coordination, centralized/coordinated assessment systems, CoC planning, HMIS, administration and HOPWA assistance.

*Able to contract for all eligible VHSP activities excluding shelter operations and rapid re-housing

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