Part 2 Overview

Part 2 includes the following chapters:

6 SAG and steering committee involvement

Chapter 6 provides an overview of the SAG and steering committee roles during the HB854 study process.

7 Provider survey

Chapter 7 summarizes the housing provider survey that HousingForward Virginia designed in consultation with the steering committee. The results showcase the opinions of more than 400 practitioners and advocates across the Commonwealth.

8 Focus groups

Chapter 8 outlines the focus groups conducted by HousingForward Virginia to better understand housing needs and challenges across the Commonwealth. These findings complement the results of the provider survey.

9 Public housing authority survey

Chapter 9 summarizes the public housing authority survey that HousingForward Virginia circulated among public housing authorities across the Commonwealth to collect information on the demand for housing assistance in their communities.

10 Client survey

Chapter 10 provides an overview of the program client survey that HousingForward Virginia designed and the Virginia Housing Alliance deployed. The survey intended to collect direct feedback on current housing programs from users who have applied for and/or received assistance through these initiatives.

11 Experts and power users

Chapter 11 provides readers with a summary of the additional experts and practitioners who provided testimony to the SAG, steering committee, and HousingForward Virginia during the HB854 study process.