Part 3 Overview

Part 3 includes the following chapters:

14 Housing inventory and production

Chapter 14 evaluates high-level trends in Virginia’s housing stock, including overall production relative to population and job growth, along with the type, size, age, and quality of the places Virginians call home.

15 Homeownership market

Chapter 15 analyzes the state’s homeownership market and current characteristics of Virginians who own their home or are seeking to purchase a home.

16 Rental market

Chapter 16 analyzes the state’s rental market and current characteristics of Virginians who rent their home. It also provides data on the scope and distribution of apartments that use some form of public assistance to reduce rents to make them more affordable.

17 Housing instability and homelessness

Chapter 17 presents trends on mortgage delinquency, eviction filings, and homelessness throughout Virginia. Intervention to prevent these crises must be a priority; inaction compounds stresses on social infrastructure like healthcare and education.

18 Projections

Chapter 18 uses the latest available population projections for the state to estimate housing demand in the coming decade. It also discusses the limitations of such data and the need to generate new estimates as post-pandemic census figures are available.

19 Neighbor state comparisons

Chapter 19 compares Virginia’s challenges and progress on housing affordability with its neighboring states in the South and Mid-Atlantic. The data contextualizes the Commonwealth’s current situation for a broader perspective.