Part 4 Overview

Part 4 includes the following six chapters, which assess groupings of current state housing initiatives. Each section presents the major findings, successes, and challenges associated with those programs and then offers recommendations for lawmakers and program administrators to make these initiatives more efficient and impactful.

20 Affordable rental housing production

Chapter 20 covers four programs that incentivize the production and preservation of affordable rental apartments.

21 Rental assistance and eviction prevention

Chapter 21 covers six programs that provide direct assistance to renters, including efforts created specifically to reduce evictions.

22 Homeownership and counseling

Chapter 22 covers seven programs created to expand homeownership among low- to moderate-income households in the Commonwealth.

23 Rehabilitation and accessibility

Chapter 23 covers seven programs that help current homeowners and renters improve the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of their homes.

24 Community revitalization and capacity building

Chapter 24 covers five programs created to support major community revitalization efforts through housing and to strengthen the capacity of nonprofit housing organizations across the state.

25 Homelessness assistance and prevention

Chapter 25 covers six programs that support efforts to assist persons experiencing homelessness and to build infrastructure to make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring.