Virginia Main Street Regional Rev Up:
Start With "Why": Creating Purpose-Driven Special Events
October 24, 26 and November 8, 2017
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

When taking on a special event or festival, what guides your allocation of limited financial and human resources? Is that resource allocation strategic?

Simply put, why does your event exist?  You want an authentic Main Street and a vibrant downtown business environment.  Special events can support this mission; however, not all events are created equal.  They take considerable time and resources, so you have to reflect on why the event matters.  The “why” is about your organization’s contribution to impact Main Street for the better.


Learn from community revitalization leaders, network with peers, and explore ideas in the interactive sessions.  Learn:

·         To think strategically about events, before, during, and after;
·         How to evaluate events for strategic improvement, deletion, or handing off to a partner organization; and
·         Successful event ideas that connect to your organizational priorit

Please Select an Event:
10/24/2017 10:00AM - 10/24/2017 2:00PM Souhwest Region - Sugar Hill Brewing Co. (St. Paul) 16622 Broad Street, St. Paul, VA 24283
10/26/2017 10:00AM - 10/26/2017 2:00PM Southern Region - Franklin Business Center (Franklin) 601 N. Mechanic Street, Franklin, VA 23851
11/08/2017 10:00AM - 11/08/2017 2:00PM Northern Region - The Mainline at Ashland Coffee and Tea (Ashland) 100 N. Railroad Avenue, Ashland, VA 23005
If you have questions, please contact for the Southwestern region Joy Rumley at (276) 676-5471 or; for the Southern region Tory McGowan at (804) 371-7066 or; or for the Northern region Kyle Meyer at (804) 371-7078 or