DHCD's Community Revitalization Office (CRO) Webinar
Creating Community Vitality Series

Storytelling: Cultivating Pride in Your Place
March 10, 2021
11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Speaker: Phi Eich, Founder, Storyville Social


At one time, storytelling was at the center of every tribe and culture. It strengthened relationships between people, connected us to our past and future, and cultivated pride in one’s place. Stories provided strength and structure and how we knew, “These are my people.” But aided in part by the immensity of the internet and the saturation of social media, we’ve exchanged local stories for national and international distractions. We’ve weakened our places because we know each other less: an increasingly more virtual existence leads to increasingly less local lives. But we can fight fire with fire. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use Storyville’s simple, sustainable, and easy-to-implement framework to create beautiful and authentic local storytelling that cultivates pride, bolsters small businesses, and attracts and retains talent and investment.


03/10/2021 11:00AM - 03/10/2021 12:15PM Webinar *, *, VA 00000
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