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Virginia Main Street Webinar

Make Every Communication Count
July 20, 2022
11 a.m. -12:15 p.m.

We don’t communicate with our best friends the same way we do our doctors, accountants, or lawyers. In the same way, your organizations should not message to volunteers the same way as partners, clients, or other key people you interact with.

Understanding your key audiences and developing targeting messaging for each is the cornerstone of any successful Main Street communications strategy and will lead to the engagement needed to inspire action. During this webinar we will discuss and share tools that will help your organization develop a messaging framework built on your key audiences. You will leave the webinar with tips, tools and resources that will help you: 

Identify, refine, and prioritize your key audiences 
Understand your audiences by crafting personas for each 
Develop or refine your organizations brand persona to align with key audiences
Establish a framework of clear targeted messages to inspire engagement

Presented by:

Raven Bates
Director of Administration and Communications

One of Raven’s favorite parts of the job is working with the Mission Elevation program, an internal capacity building program for nonprofits designed to bolster sustainability for long-term mission impact in communities served. This webinar will feature some of the tools utilized in that program. 

In addition, she has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 16 years and holds a diverse background of experience including project management, operations, nonprofit fundraising, and communication. She takes an active role in the nonprofit community outside of her work at VCDC and serves as Board Chair of local nonprofit Art on Wheels. Raven is a member of the NASLEF Emerging Leaders group and holds a degree in Media Arts and Design with a minor in Anthropology from James Madison University.

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07/20/2022 11:00AM - 07/20/2022 12:15PM Webinar *, *, VA 00000
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