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Applicants for the Real Property Investment Grant and Job Creation Grant must hire an independent CPA currently licensed in Virginia to perform the Agreed Upon Procedures established by DHCD. The findings from the procedures are to be compiled in a CPA Attestation Report. This report must be in the format prescribed (posted below) by DHCD.

  • The CPA Attestation Report is required and must be submitted with all other application materials by the April 1st deadline.
    • Applicants should send original application materials via United States Postal Service certified mail, return receipt requested postmarked no later than April 1st, ship using UPS, Fed Ex or other services where shipping can be tracked with a shipped date no later than April 1st or hand deliver by the close of business on April 1st to DHCD.
  • Any applications submitted without the required CPA Attestation Report will be considered a late application and will only be processed if there are any remaining funds.

The table below lists the links/documents for the information needed to prepare the CPA Attestation Report.

CPA Attestation Report (RPIG and JCG)
Real Property Investment Grant Attestation Report Form Required in prescribed format
Job Creation Grant Attestation Report Form Required in prescribed format

This document was updated as of 2/9/2015. Language in section 3B, Part 3 was changed to refer to employees 'who worked' in the grant year (previously incorrectly identified as employees that were 'hired' in the grant year). Section 3B, Part 4 was updated to reflect that the columns referenced in this portion of the attestation are columns P, Q, and R (previously incorrectly identified as Q, R, and S.)
CPA Agreed Upon Procedures Manual (RPIG and JCG) Includes information regarding procedures for each grant
Guidance on CPA Attestation Report Format and Documentation of Findings Includes information on appropriate description of CPA's findings
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